Spinips is a young and dynamic engineering company. We focus on services regarding mechanical and civil ENGINEERING, and industrial DESIGN.


Our strength is to combine two ways of designing, namely structural calculation and styling/graphics: we aim to produce interesting projects not only from the technical and conceptual point of view but also aesthetically beautiful. We offer a wide range of services, which divide in 6 big areas: design, prototypingR&D, engineering, automation and manuals. A separate mention deserves our CONSULTING service (soon available) since it reinforces talents and resources in business.






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Spinips design engineering


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Our organisation makes use of the following software:


ProEngineercreo CAD, CAE (FEA) and CAM for direct and/or parametric designing, and for technical collaborating with advanced tools. Fusion of Pro|ENGINEER, CoCreate and ProductView.
SolidEdge Professional software tool that addresses all aspects of the product development process and helps speed and optimize new product design, as well as digital prototype modeling.
SolidWorks Simple and flexible: a handy software solution in mechanical design.
inventor Professional software tool that combines AutoCAD 2D modeling and 3D input, in order to generate a virtual preview of the final product before manufacturing.
Autodesk Autocad GstarCAD – a 2D CAD system: reliable, well-established, suitable for DWG, an alternative solution to AutoCAD.
AnsysStraus7 CAE, FEA Beam, Plate, and Brick solution for linear and nonlinear analysis, suitable for CIVIL and MECHANICAL engineering, both in structural and thermal field. AnsysStraus7, and Simulate.



    Our technicians’ knowledge let us handle also projects that need the following software:


    • CAD3D: Think3 3D, CatiA, CoCreate,… others
    • CAD2D: Autocad, Think3 2D, Me10,… others
    • PDM: Windchill, PdmLink,… others
    • CAE/FEM: ProMeccanica,… others
    • CALCULATION: Mathcad, Matlab,…. others
    • OTHERS: Graphics software, Management software, PDM,… others.









    Spinips is partner with Fondazione Ingegneri Padova, i.e. the Foundation of the Order of Engineers of Padua.